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Thou shalt not covet; but tradition
Approves all forms of competition.
 –  Arthur Hugh Clough

Foam Finger GuyOne of the most fascinating aspects of “sex trafficking” hysteria is the bizarre competition I’ve dubbed “King of the Hill” after the boys’ game; each city and state boasts that it is one of the “top” or “leading” or “major” destinations, sources or “hubs” of sex trafficking in the United States.  And “boast” is the right word:  while it’s typical for cops to exaggerate crime statistics in order to justify ever-increasing budgets and power, this goes far beyond that; they and many other fabulists seem to take a kind of perverse pleasure in pretending that their territory is the best at providing, receiving or transporting “child sex slaves”.  And a pretense it is:

According to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), no statistics are kept for the number of Human Trafficking cases prosecuted for each individual state. They are also unable to provide the number of individuals indicted in each state or how many victims were involved in each case.

Since there is absolutely no basis for any interstate comparison, intercity comparisons belong strictly to the realm of fantasy.  But virtually every “trafficking” fanatic speaking to every reporter, class or ladies’ club meeting will insist that whatever place he’s speaking in is “a major hotspot”, citing whatever authority sounds good (the FBI, DoJ and Homeland Security are favorites) and “explaining” that the high level of activity is due to the presence of interstate highways, proximity to some “sinful” place like New York or Atlanta, remoteness from other places (yes, really), or even (in a bizarrely 19th-century touch) the presence of navigable waterways, presumably for the slave-ships to sail in upon.  As of this time I have no explanation for the popularity of this pissing contest, nor why absolutely nobody asks even the most basic questions of these bizarre braggarts.  However, I think it might be interesting to compile all of the claims in one place, to be modified later as new ones come in. Since many of the claims are (unsurprisingly) very vague, I’m going to count all words like “major” or “near the top” as being claims for the top ten.  The first table is for states, the second for cities.  Don’t try to compare rankings of cities with that of the states in which they lie; you’ll hurt your brain.


Rank Claimants Purported reasons
1st California None given
1st Georgia None given
2nd California None given
2nd New York None given
2nd Texas “According to Homeland Security”
3rd Florida None given
3rd Wisconsin None given
Top 10 Michigan “Large agricultural industry & international border”
Top 10 Nevada Interstate highways and “major events”
Top 10 New Jersey Interstate highways, trains & buses, 3 airports
Top 10 North Carolina Major highways and large rural areas
Top 10 Ohio None given
Top 10 Oklahoma “The State Department reports”


Rank Claimants Purported reasons
1st Atlanta, Georgia “World’s busiest airport”
3rd Toledo, Ohio “FBI reports”
3rd Miami, Florida “Travellers from around the world”
Top 10 Dallas, Texas None given
Top 10 Phoenix, Arizona Major highways, “destination point” (?)
Top 10 Portland, Oregon Strip clubs, interstate highways, two rivers
Top 10 Sacramento, California Interstate highways & immigrants
Top 10 Tulsa, Oklahoma Interstate highways
Top 13 Minneapolis, Minnesota “highways, year-round sports & conventions”
2nd (FL) Orlando, Florida None given
3rd (FL) Tampa Bay, Florida None given

Of course, no explanation is ever given of how these “trafficked children” are transported; given the sheer volume (especially during mega sporting events), perhaps they’re crammed into secondhand school buses or packed in shipping crates with holes drilled in the sides for air.  Presumably, we’re supposed to take it on faith, just like we’re supposed to accept these mysterious figures from nowhere, the mystic ability of “pimps” to hide hundreds of thousands of captives, and the economic viability of enslaved whores when there are plenty of independent ones to be found in every city in the world. gypsies

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