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We’re just here to help you — come out with your hands up.  –  unnamed Virginia cop, just prior to the addressed party’s murder by another cop 

This week was a bit better for Halloween links, though by the time you read this Halloween is over; c’est la vie.  All three of the links from Jesse Walker (above the first video) certainly count, as does the two-part “free horror” link (from  Laura Lee  and Neil Gaiman) and of course the videos themselves (the second of which was provided by Mike Siegel); both of those occupy the same niche, namely the intersection of birth and death.  The links between the videos were contributed by ClarkHatRadley BalkoLenore SkenazyFormerly Dave, Franklin Harris, Popehat, Sabrina Morgan and Aspasia (in that order), and Nun Ya gave us “engineer” and “parking lot”.

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