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When I look at what we are proposing, it is simply good design.
–  Will Johnston

The competition for the top spot was very tight this week:  though Mike Siegel squeaked the others out, Jesse Walker contributed three (“bullshit”, “roots” and “Miami”) and four others two each.  The first video (via Lenore Skenazy) mocks people panicking over incredibly-unlikely events, and the second (via Neil Gaiman) is a performance of a unique musical instrument designed by Leonardo da Vinci but never before built until now.  The links between the videos were provided by Radley Balko (“mutants” & “update”),  Pencil Bloke (“headline”), Popehat (“burrito” & “doorknobs”), Walter Olson  (“Etsy”), Cop Block (“puppycide” & “watering”), Aspasia (“38”), Merkin O’Grady (“Yakety Sax”), Grace (“ticket” & “paraplegic”), and Jason Kuznicki  (“time machine”).

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