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Other clown-related rumours are also being circulated on Facebook.
–  The Haslingden Neighbourhood Policing Team

Nobody stood out in links this week, so I’m giving Popehat the top slot because another link (from Laura Lee) made me think of them (for reasons that might be clear to you if you read last week’s TW3 column).  Long-time readers may recall the same time happened last Yuletide as well; there just aren’t as many good links after people start feeling all Christmassy.  Or Hanukkah-ish, for that matter; as y’all probably know it occurred as early this year as it possibly can (starting on Thanksgiving Eve).  In honor of the holiday our first video is a “Santa Baby” parody by Rachel Bloom; the second video is here because (as you may have noticed) I’m fond of unusual song covers.  It was contributed by Gideon (who also gave us “New Mexico”); other links between the videos were provided by Mike Siegel (“coincidence”), Jesse Walker (“headline” and “clown”),  Radley Balko (“toothless”), and Lenore Skenazy (“peanut butter”).

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