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It was anticlimactic and boring until the cops overreacted.  –  Stefan Warner

Though there were some big stories in sex news this week, it’s always a bit quieter on the link front around the holidays.  And that’s really a good thing, because I’m not sure I’d want to be a Grinch by sharing too many of the usual tales of tyranny right now (I wish I had none to share, but that’s impossible under the current police state).  Mike Riggs took top honors this time, with everything down to the first video; the second one (via Grace) is the only “burning log” video you will ever need.  The links between the videos were provided by Popehat (“denunciation”), Brooke Magnanti (“Cthuken”), Franklin Harris (“Apocalypse” and “drugs”), Jason Kuznicki (“virgins”), Waiting Girl  (“incubator”), Kevin Wilson (“Sweden”), and Molly Crabapple (“blame”).

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