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An old horse knows the road. –  Chinese proverb

Départ pour le Sabbat by Albert Joseph Pénot (1910)I’m back in New Orleans today!  It’s been almost two years since the last time I was here, in February 2012; my husband’s schedule simply didn’t permit our usual midwinter trip this year, and actually he isn’t with me this week, either.  However, the Southern Harm Reduction Conference was in New Orleans this year, and much later than last time; since Denise was willing to put up with me for a few days, it was a great opportunity to do my Christmas visiting before the holiday this year rather than after.  So I drove down yesterday, and the conference is today and tomorrow; that gives me two whole days to visit friends before I go home Monday.  But don’t worry, everything is all set to go; if I hadn’t told you I was away, you probably would never have noticed.

As I’ve explained before, one of the important things I do while I’m there is to stock up on groceries; we ran out of coffee with chicory months ago, and my dried green onions and granulated garlic are getting awfully low.  Then there are the ethnic foods I get from Mona’s, and I always treat myself to a new dress from my friend in the flea market; maybe I’ll even get Grace to take a picture of me in it when I get back.  I’m also going to try to make time for a walking tour; the young lady who gives it consulted me on whore lore because she wanted to be accurate and respectful, so I’d like to see how that worked out.  All in all I’ll be pretty busy, but I’ll try to pop in here tonight and tomorrow to see how everything’s going.  Fortunately, I’m well ahead on my work, so even though I’ll lose a few days this week and a lot more in the last two weeks of the year, and probably more in January for some stuff I haven’t told y’all about yet, I’m really not too worried about falling behind.  Well, that’s not exactly honest; I’m always worried.  I just mean not more than usual.

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