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Don’t worry about the price tag!  –  Erin McDonald

I suspect this will be the last Links column this year in which Christmas things are not a large proportion of items (whether that’s a good thing or a bad one in your view).  Our top contributors were the guys from Popehat, with both videos and the two items before the first video.  That one requires a bit of information to appreciate:  it seems our increasingly-totalitarian government held a contest for the best propaganda song touting one of its massive government programs, and though the winner isn’t actually entitled “Don’t Think, Just Obey“, it might as well be.  Well, Patrick Non-White created this video parody by dubbing the winning song over a clip from a cult movie which had an intriguing premise, but IMHO would have been dramatically better had it been exactly six minutes and twenty seconds shorter.  The links between the videos were provided by Radley Balko  (“headline” and “truth”), Jesse Walker (“mesmerism”), Jason Kuznicki   (“welcome”), Violet Blue (“website” & “Microsoft”), Mike Siegel (“superheroes”), Grace (“singing”),  Laura Lee (“naughty”), Furry Girl (“1%”), Molly Crabapple  (“solitary”), Mike Riggs (“warrant”), Cop Block (“isolated”), Jack Shafer (“FBI”),  PWW (“assault”), and Mistress Matisse (“Xmas”).

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