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Nerdy and political ramblings from a modern-day courtesan and art historian in Chicago.  –  Aspasia’s description of her blog

WordPress gives bloggers a lot of space, and I mean a whole lot; I’m halfway through my fourth year of blogging now, and I’ve only used 18% of my allotment.  Nor have I been parsimonious with it; if you take a look at my Resources page, you’ll realize that some of those PDFs are enormous.  But as I’ve said before, I’m every bit as much a librarian as I am a whore; I want this blog to be a resource for activists, and judging by the feedback I’m succeeding.

Aspasia 2In addition to the studies, essays, books, pictures, charts and other such materials I’ve also hosted mirror copies of several of Dr. Brooke Magnanti’s posts; so, when Aspasia told me she was leaving activism to pursue other personal goals and deleting her blog, I had no hesitation in offering her the space to archive her posts here.  I’ve copied them all into static pages backdated to the original posting dates, and have indexed them below; this post will also be replicated as a static page and will thus serve as the permanent gateway to Aspasia’s space here at The Honest Courtesan.  Though the only practical way to preserve the comment threads was as static images, please feel free to continue commenting in the regular way below any of these posts.  Perhaps one day Aspasia may restart her blog, but until then she assures me she’ll still be a regular in the comments here.  I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing her luck in her future endeavors, and in hoping she won’t be a stranger.

August 2011

Now for Something Completely Different!

September 2011

Torchwood and Sex Worker Stereotypes
PLEASE think of the CHILDREN!!!!!
Because the Jokes Write Themselves
Feminism:  Still Not Getting It
A Brief FYI
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Upcoming Mega Post

October 2011

It’s Still Slut-shaming
New Obsession:  Lost Girl
Sometimes Even I’m Shocked

November 2011

The Succubus:  Myth and Reality
This is What Sanity Looks Like
All Clogged Up
Lafayette Explains It All
Whores and Courtesans and Others, Oh My!

December 2011

Sci-Fi Geekout- What If The Doctor Was Helen Mirren?

January 2012

No, This Shouldn’t Be Shocking At All
A Game of Thrones- Official Trailer for Series 2

February 2012

Chicago Skin Tax

May 2012

Chris Rock on Political-Tribal Mentality
What is the Difference?

June 2012

Textbook Definition of Misogyny
Forget Magic Mike, Support THIS Movie About Strippers

August 2012

Proposition 35 & Sex Worker Relationships

September 2012

Thank You, Robyn
Only When We Don’t Like You
And This is Why WE Don’t Like YOU…
Nicholas Kristof’s IAmA Reddit

November 2012

Staying Sane v. Engaging in Discussion: Comment Threads on Sex Work Articles
Snarky Thoughts on Election Day
Sex Worker Allies and Education
Quote of the Day
Yet Another Example of Feminists Not Fucking “Getting It”
‘Tis the Season!

December 2012

Feminism: Not Fucking Getting It…AGAIN! Part: Infinity
Buddy Cole on Vice
A Remembrance Two Days Late

January 2013

And Thank You for Proving My Point
Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

February 2013

Chicago-area Announcements: Participants Needed for Study
Hey, That’s Me! And Other General Things…
Join Me in the Fight Against Whorephobia!
Gail Dines on Being Called a Crusader

April 2013

The Problem With A Name

August 2013

Origin Story: Sex Workers Can’t Have Relationships
Difference of Opinion
Media Inquiries

September 2013

Hooker, Please: On the True Death of True Blood
Crabs in a Bucket
Beyond the Breasts: Femen Truly Exposed
Guest Columnist: Aspasia Bonasera

October 2013

Upcoming Post: Recap of “Ghost Adventures: Mustang Ranch”

December 2013

Study Hour!

January 2014

This is the End, My Friend

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