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Given practical verifiability concerns, only time travelers from the future were investigated.  –  Robert J. Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson

Today is the 12th day of Christmas, so tonight is Twelfth Night, the traditional occasion for tomfoolery.  So though we only have one last Christmas item this time (the first video, courtesy of Jesse Walker), the number of truly weird ones is appropriate for the holiday.  The first four below were contributed by  Popehat, the second video by Rick Horowitz and the links between the videos by Radley Balko (“safety” & “funny”), Mike Riggs (“together” & “blinded”),  Kevin Wilson (“time travel”), Nun Ya (“poop”), Ed Krayewski (“bizarre” & “photos”),  Cop Block (“parking”), Clarissa (“totalitarian”),  Grace (“Bohemian Rhapsody”), and Brooke Magnanti (“overcriminalization”).

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