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Great is Truth, and mighty above all things.  –  1 Esdras 4:41

I often discuss the way prohibitionists further their anti-sex agenda via bogus studies and distorting the data of other, sometimes less-bogus studies, and Kevin Wilson’s guest column last August explained the general dearth of real research, and the generally-deplorable quality of the little there is.  However, that is slowly changing; my Resources page has a number of good studies, and new ones are being done all the time.  I was recently asked to call my readers’ attention to two of them; if any of you fall into the group being studied, please consider giving these researchers your input!

AIT ladiesThe first is the Adult Industry Truth project, conducted by Serpent Libertine and Crysta Heart of SWOP with Greg Scott of DePaul University.  The survey is open to everyone who has ever been “involved in the erotic labor market, either as a service provider or performer, a manager or owner of a business, support staff, or in advocacy or social service provision to those in the erotic labor market…This study is not approved for the enrollment of people under the age of 18.”  It’s an anonymous online survey about “the attitudes and perceptions…of sex trafficking…from individuals participating in the erotic labor market,” and will take about 20 minutes to complete; they hope to get about 5000 responses, so if every qualifying reader responds I’m sure it would be a big help to them.  Their website goes into great detail about the research, but if you have any questions that aren’t covered there you can contact Greg Scott via email or by phone at 773-325-4893.

The second is research on clients rather than sex workers, and is being conducted by Dr. Christine Milrod, who is both a professional contact and a reader.  I’ll let her explain it herself:


This is Christine Milrod, PhD, sex therapist and long time hobbyist researcher in Los Angeles.  My social science articles have been published in academic journals and I am often asked to provide statements regarding clients in general media (where I try to clear up misconceptions). And now, for the first time ever, a survey of mature, baby-boomer hobbyists over 60 is underway.  Your opinions, attitudes and preferences are extremely valuable – and I am humbly requesting your participation.  The survey is anonymous and no IP addresses or any other identifying data are visible to me.  The more hobbyists who participate, the more statistical power the survey will have.  The results will be compiled and written up in final articles, to be published in academic social science journals and communicated at academic sexuality conferences. Unfortunately I cannot provide a public link to the questionnaire, as this would potentially distribute the survey to individuals who are not hobbyists over 60.  Needless to say, I’m counting on the fact that surveyophiles under 60 won’t participate 😉  Please email me at info@sexandlifecoaching.com and I will send the URL and any other details you require [See update below].  Regrettably, this survey is only open to male hobbyists over 60 in the U.S.  Hobbyists over 60 are a very understudied part of the community and we need to hear from them when it comes to their attitudes and preferences.  I thank you very much in advance for your participation and hope you will contribute with your answers!

Cheers, Dr ChristineMucha

What Dr. Christine said about anonymity also applies to the AIT survey; your name will not be collected and they can’t see your IP or other such data.  I think these are both important studies, and if everyone who qualifies for either of them would kindly donate a little of your time, both the researchers and I would be very grateful.  The only way to fight prohibitionist lies is with solid data, so those of us who care about sex workers’ rights need to pitch in and help to collect that data whenever possible.

UPDATE:  Dr. Milrod’s survey is now closed; thanks very much to the readers who responded!  Adult Industry Truth remains open, so please participate if you’re eligible!

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