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Davidson foisted himself upon the trolley after the staff member became so scared that she ran from the train.  –  STV News

Finding good videos for this column is a more uneven process than finding good links; sometimes there are so many they get backed up for weeks, and sometimes so few I have to go looking for them.  Today’s first video is a revolting bit of TSA propaganda designed to condition children to submit to the police state; it was called to my attention by Mark Bennett when it first appeared in December, but due to the holidays it got pushed back until now.  I’m glad it did, however, because the second video, a parody of the first, was only posted on Thursday (thanks to Kevin Wilson for spotting it).  Everything above the first video was contributed by Radley Balko, and the links between the videos by Lucy SteigerwaldBrooke MagnantiDave BarryMistress Matisse,  Mike RiggsJason Kuznicki, Popehat, Grace, Aspasia, and Mike Siegel (in that order).  Finally, I present this very special link by request from Popehat.

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