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As you plan your child’s Halloween costume, you must consider the district’s Zero Tolerance Policy.

The increasing trend of people saving Halloween links for the last three days before the holiday results in my not having any until the Links column after Halloween.  It’ll be just as bad next year, but the year after that Halloween’s on a Monday so that should be better.  Ah, well.  This week’s top contributor was Lenore Skenazy, with the first video and everything above it; the second video is from Franklin Harris, and the links between the two were provided by Cop Block  (“protect”),  Popehat (“clowns” & “chili”), Tauriq Moosa (“layout”), Kevin Wilson  (“investors”),  David Ley (“plastic”), Michael Whiteacre (“show”), Radley Balko  (“sequel”), Molly Crabapple (“seizure”), Clarissa (“accidentally”), and Molli Desi  (“together”).

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