The Public Morals

Politics have no relation to morals.  –  Niccolo Machiavelli

Three weeks ago I published “Morality Lessons“, in which I discussed the way in which modern police states conflate the concepts of crime, sin and mental illness so they can use police violence to spread terror, enrich the state and sentence  virtually anyone to either be locked in a cage or subjected to “re-education”.  Most modern governments have succumbed to the bizarre delusion that women having sex for pragmatic reasons is such a grave threat to the public morals that our  behavior must be either “controlled” and “regulated”, or else suppressed by any means necessary.  And who are the agents to whom this duty is given?  Who are these paragons of virtue and wisdom with the magical power to look into people’s hearts and determine why they want to have sex?  Who are these saintly beings to whom societies all over the world entrust the care and “rescue” of women who are too evil, corrupt, innocent, deranged, victimized or whatever to be allowed to make our own decisions?  It could only be those stalwart guardians of the public morals, the police!

Columbus Police, the city attorney’s office, and community leaders are launching what’s being called the “Cleveland Avenue Prostitution Initiative”.  The plan is to arrest as many prostitutes as possible and those who solicit them for services.  Help will start as soon as the prostitutes are handcuffed.  “We want to reach out to them with the ministry, because many of them not only need help, but want help and are vulnerable when they’re first arrested, and talked to” [self-appointed Grand Sex Motive Inquisitor Donna] Hicho said…the Johns…[will] be arrested along with a bit of public shame in the form of a Dear John letter…”We want them to know…that it’s not an individual choice, that [they must submit to the will of the collective]” Hicho added…

Yes, they’re going to be “helped” after they’re tricked, brutalized, chained up and threatened with having their lives destroyed.  But it’s OK, because the word “faith” is in there.  Of course, in the United States government isn’t supposed to get mixed up with religion, but somehow when sex is involved everyone conveniently forgets that.  They’re a lot more open about it in Tajikistan, a country which views prostitution much as the US does:

…ex-Soviet Tajikistan…[is seeking] opportunities to collect greater revenues in terms of administrative fines, while also presenting itself as a source of moral virtue to the conservative population…[so naturally it’s persecuting] sex work[ers by doubling fines]…while also offering prostitutes “morality lessons” [and ignoring the actual reasons women do sex work]…16-year-old Sabina said that after her father died the husband of her mother’s friend, who was..a former policeman, [raped] her…

Of course, an ex-Soviet republic with a corrupt government is nothing like the US!  Cops here aren’t like that; they can be trusted not to rape women!

Two…San Antonio [cops who raped]…women…by recruiting them to a bogus undercover program were indicted by a grand jury…Emmanuel Galindo and Alejandro Chapa…[were arrested] on a litany of charges including sexual assault, compelling prostitution and official oppression…[cops]  began investigating…after a woman reported [the rape]…”The officer she was referred to told her that she could earn up to $5,000 a day if she qualified for this undercover operation.”  Women told investigators the officers had them sign a contract agreeing to do anything necessary for the investigation, even if it meant having sex with them…there was no undercover operation, and that the [rapists] had made similar false claims to more than 20 women…

Well, there are always exceptions. But at least cops who rape are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

A Pierce County [Washington] sheriff’s deputy accused of threatening to arrest a woman if she didn’t [submit to rape] has been charged with custodial sexual misconduct…Joey D. Tracy…pulled the…[woman] over in a traffic stop…and she said Tracy “basically told me if I didn’t sleep with him he would take me to jail for my warrants”…

Well, maybe they don’t think they could get a rape conviction; at least he was charged with something:

A Jacksonville [cop arrested]..on charges of grand theft was also found by investigators to be [raping] prostitutes…the State Attorney’s Office said there’s not enough of a case for a successful prosecution [so they won’t bother]…two known prostitutes told investigators that they had sex with [Adam] Boyd on multiple occasions.  One said…he would give her money…the [other was raped under threat of]…arrest…

OK, so there are a lot of rapist cops.  But they’re individuals; this isn’t evidence of a corrupt system!

As I [previously] explained…“Hawaii was the last American state to criminalize prostitution…and since then…[has] tried to make up for the late start by coming up with some of the most grotesque anti-whore shenanigans imaginable.”  I thought we had seen the worst last year, when Hawaiian cops brazenly petitioned to be allowed to keep the legal right to rape sex workers which had been enshrined for years in Hawaiian law until discovered by a justly-scandalized legislator.  But cops have the astounding ability of continually increasing their own level of barbarity, and a [year] ago…they…actually charged sex workers with sexual assaulting the cops who had in reality assaulted them…What makes it especially revolting is that the cops blamed this odious stratagem on their being forced to give up the right to rape their victims

And here’s the latest from the Aloha State:

With increasing support of HB 1902, Hawai‘i may finally have a sex trafficking law soon.  However…the bill victimizes and criminalizes all people who work in the sex industry…Tracy Ryan…of Harm Reduction Hawaii…[explained] that [the bill] creates a strict liability offense.  “If you do one thing [cops claim]…is wrong…you are automatically guilty and you basically don’t have a right to defend yourself.”  This section of the law may deny sex workers their right to a fair trial…Under section 16, a person convicted of prostitution may only vacate their conviction or clear their record, if the “defendant’s participation in the offense was the result of the person being a victim”…the main reason why there is strong support for HB 1902 can be attributed to funding.  “The people behind it can…go to mainland funders…and tell them ‘Look, we passed a sex trafficking bill'”…

OK, I’ll drop the sarcasm now.  It’s true that rape isn’t part of the actual plan dreamed up by politicians and police departments; it’s just a predictable side effect of giving armed Neanderthal thugs nigh-absolute power over individuals.  What the politicians & police brass are actually after, as explained above, is money.  And as usual, they seek to harvest it from those who can least afford it and are least able to defend themselves:

Girl rescued, 30 arrested in human trafficking operation, reads the…kind of headline that Americans have gotten used to seeing these days…[it] gives the impression of a coordinated, wide-reaching sex-trafficking ring busted…But…the “human traffickers” arrested were actually women selling sex themselves, along with men attempting to buy sex from an undercover [cop]…this was a vice sting dressed up in lofty and hysterical language.  The sting…took place in Compton…where more than a quarter of residents are living in poverty…and the violent crime rate…is still a hotbed of unsolved homicides.  But the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has priorities.  Like the arrest of 17 men for talking to undercover deputies and 13 women for trying to make a living. And the impounding of 16 vehicles

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  1. on May 6, 2016 at 5:36 am | Reply thequietman

    I wonder how long it will be before the State realizes that the War on Whores will never be anywhere near as lucrative for them as the War on Drugs has been (because there are no ‘El Chapo’-esque kingpins of prostitution controlling cartels where hundreds of millions of dollars are changing hands) and move on to something else.

    I’m betting on e-cigarettes.

  2. Until the 20th centaury, rape was considered part of the pay for soldiers on the winning side. Even in WW2 there was rape by conquering armies. Some times it was encouraged (I have no proof, but I believe the Germans, Russians and Japanese at the least looked the other way if not out right encouraged it), others it was fought (the United States executed soldiers for rape, but I’m not sure about on the front lines.)

    A big part of the reasoning, I believe, was to encourage the “us vs them” mentality for the soldiers.

    Talk to any police officer in a medium to large city and they’ll tell you “Everyone lies. It’s us against them.” Them is the public!

    Small cities…your mileage may vary. In my small town the introduction of Section 8 housing brought a heroin epidemic and a vast increase in crime. (Yes, I know, correlation doesn’t equal causation).

    In any case…I can see the police officers changing.

    • That would be Section 120 of the UCMJ there, LCB. In the original form, rape was punishable by death or any penalty imposed by the Court Martial.

      One could easily see how that might be applied in a DMZ situation with swift effectiveness.

  3. on May 6, 2016 at 2:23 pm | Reply Shane Skekel

    This reminds me of a quote from Kekko Kamen: “Who’s destroying who’s moral fiber, you twit!?”

  4. on May 7, 2016 at 9:58 am | Reply BorschLover

    Hi Maggie Care to comment the NYT magazine feature ” Should prostitution be a crime?” Thanks again for the good work

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