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Back Issue: December 2014

[Sex workers] must love and care for each other so, because none of the “good”, “righteous”, “upstanding” members of “law-abiding” society will.  –  “On December Seventeenth

As the number of “independent” columns has decreased, these back issues have grown ever shorter, and that’s especially true of December.  Once the holidays (St Nicholas Day, December Seventeenth, YuleChristmas EveChristmas DayBoxing Day, and New Year’s Eve); the harlotography (“Lou Graham“); the guest columnist (Paul Maginn); the fictional interlude (“Serpentine“); the Q&A columns (“The Missing Piece” and “For Love“); and the Cliterati reprints (“Traffic in Nonsense” and “A Year Later“) are counted, the only two essays left are “False Witness” (on the fallibility of human memory) and “Unfolding” (on upcoming changes to my blog’s format).

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