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Diary #391

It’s rare that it snows in Seattle at all, much less right on time.  But this year, thanks to several hours of Christmas Eve snow all over this part of the Pacific Northwest, we had a genuine white Christmas.  And though we got a decent amount out at Sunset, it didn’t accumulate and was followed by rain; not exactly conducive to lovely pictures.  Not so in Seattle, though; this photo was taken by one of my guests on her way to my place on Christmas morning.  It’s been a few years since I cooked a Christmas dinner, so this was simultaneously nostalgic and chaotic (because I didn’t unpack the boxes and therefore didn’t know where anything had been put away in the kitchen).  Another thing that was a bit different:  two of my guests wanted to contribute a dish themselves, so there were as many as three of us in the kitchen at once (it’s fairly large, so we didn’t really get in each other’s way).  So even though most everything is still in boxes and it’s obvious that people only moved in recently, I was able to get a tiny glimpse of what holidays may be like there once the dust finally settles and I have things the way I want them.

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