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Diary #390

It’s the holidays again, and that means my schedule is all over the place (though in a not-necessarily-bad way).  Y’all may have noticed my latest news and links columns weren’t in their usual places; that was necessary to make room for the holidays and other special occasions, but it’ll be back to normal after the Yuletide season ends on January 6th.  I’ll be at Sunset for a few days at Christmas and again at New Year, and then Lorelei and I are going on a short vacation in January, but by mid-January everything should be settling back down.  Several of you have asked me when I’m coming down to California again, and I’m not sure of the date but probably late winter (February or early March); keep your eyes on these diary columns and I’ll announce the dates when I get them.  Of course, I’m also available to make a trip just to see you if you like; the minimum appointment length must at least be equal to my round-trip travel time, which basically means an overnight appointment if you’re more than four hours from Seattle by air.  However, I do have a Yuletide special running until January 6th which could save you a good bit on that if you’re willing to pay in advance (or if you’re a subscriber to this blog).  As always, serious inquiries only, please, and Happy Holidays to all of you!

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