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Diary #389

Yesterday I wrapped up my annual Toys for Tots drive, which turned out to be the best one since I arrived in Seattle!  Today I’m taking all of these toys to the collection center, and I want to offer a big thank-you to everyone who donated (and to all those who donated to your own local drive).  Christmas is less than two weeks away now; I’ll be driving up to Sunset a week from Saturday with Jae in tow, and we’re going to spend the holiday with Grace.  But from now until January 6th (discounting the holiday weekend) I’m offering a holiday special for regular readers and subscribers.  Interested?  You’ll need to email me for details!  But I will say it’s available even if I have to travel to you, though the details are a bit different.  As usual, serious inquiries only please!  And if you’re inclined to get me a present, donations of any size are always welcome, and I’m going to try to add more to my Amazon wishlist!

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