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Diary #402

I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed a run of lovely weeks lately; the good parts have been both happier and more numerous, and the bad parts both fewer and less intense.  I had a satisfactory amount of work, including a session with one of my favorite regulars; a lovely afternoon with Jae; Lorelei and I went to see Hamilton on Tuesday (with tickets purchased almost a year ago); and I found out that next month I’m going to have the opportunity to meet one of my heroines, Rachel Wotton, when she visits Norma Jean Almodovar in Los Angeles.  On top of all that, I was quite childishly joyful about getting some new baby chicks (which I’m raising in a brooder in my laundry room for a few weeks until they’re big enough to go into the henhouse at Sunset).  More than four decades of trying to manage my emotions have taught me that these happy times never last very long, but I’ve also learned to appreciate them while they last and to make note of what made them happy so I can at least attempt to recreate them during the long stretches when my moods prove recalcitrant to elevation.

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