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Diary #403

Last week was another good one, though I think I was getting a little hormonal around the end of it.  That may be due to the presence of ten baby chicks in a brooder enclosure in my laundry room because OMG miniature baby dinosaurs that run around aimlessly going “peep peep peep” and banging into one another!  I just kinda wish they wouldn’t foul their water quite so quickly; I would prefer to only have to change it twice a day.  Ah, well, soon they’ll be pullets and therefore no longer cute.  A dear friend of mine also got some around the same time I did, so we’re texting each other about them more than one would expect two respectable whores well into maturity to do.  Here are a couple of images; the heat lamp makes it very hard to take good pictures, because for some reason the camera views the scene as a lot more red than the naked eye does.  I corrected one of these as best I could using the apps on my phone, but left the other one as-is so you can see what I mean; in reality, there’s really just a faint reddish tinge in the room, not this kind of weird early-’70s suspense-film thing.  Anyway, it was a good week apart from the chicks, too; I got to visit with a friend who unexpectedly came to town, and I had several really lovely sessions (including a duo with Lorelei, and those are always spectacular).  There’s probably more to tell, but I’m hearing peeping so you’ll have to excuse me while I go look at them again and squee like a fourteen-year-old.

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