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Back Issue: August 2015

I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to remain silent while sleazy douchebags…call for my body and my choices to be “regulated” by the same kind of fucking pigs [the Stonewall] rioters were fighting against, just so middle-class vanilla fucks…don’t have to feel threatened by my unregulated sexuality.  –  “Now They Notice (#567)

On August 15th, 2015 Jaelle the Charming Girl suffered a terrible motorcycle accident in Idaho, and I spent the next month at her side in a hospital.  The event filled the diary columns for the second half of the month and “Jae Q&A“; the other Q&A columns were “Meeting Maggie“, “Body and Soul“, and “Approach Pattern“.  This month’s holiday was Lammas, its harlotography topic Squirrel Tooth Alice, its guest columnist Aya de Leon and its fictional interlude “Heat“.  It also was the month Amnesty International announced its support for decriminalization (the topic of “Amnesty At Last” and “What Were You All Waiting For?“) and the US government raided the gay escort site Rentboy (“Now They Notice“).  The only column that didn’t fall into one of these categories was “The Enemy of My Enemy“, a complaint about activists who foolishly demand ideological purity from people who support decriminalization.

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