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A week ago today, Square Peg was inspired by my column about the new developments at Sunset to send one of the power tools Grace asked me to put on my Amazon wishlist!  This is a huge help to me; I need to provide any tool which Grace and Chekhov need to work on the house, buildings, yard, vehicles, etc, which means every tool I don’t need to buy myself is deeply appreciated!  If you want to join the generous patron club, there are several more tools on the list, and if you prefer more fun or sexy things, those are there too.  But no matter what you send (cash is nice too, and in addition to Paypal donations to maggiemcneill@earthlink.net, I now accept Square Cash at $MaggieMcNeill), you get onto my patron list, and I’m working out how to give everyone on there a special coupon code for discounts on my Kindle books.  Speaking of that, keep your eyes open for news about The Essential Maggie McNeill; volume I is done and should be available in the next week or two, and then I’ll be starting on volume II right away (for probable release in September).  The long summer days really increase my anxiety, but at least I’ve figured out a few ways of putting that nervous energy to good use!

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