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It’s the Dog Days again, and Seattle has just come out of a heat wave; that means everybody and everything is slower and lazier than usual, and I’d like more work to liven up the summer doldrums.  That means it’s time for a special, and since my last one (back in early May) was pretty popular, I’ve decided to run it again.  Just in case you don’t remember, I’ll give you an extra half-hour when you book an hour-long date and an extra hour when you book a two- or three-hour date.  And if you book four hours or more, I’ll only charge you my social rate instead of my full rate!  I’m running it until the end of the Dog Days, three weeks from yesterday; as long as you book and pay by the 23rd, you can claim the special even if you need to actually schedule the appointment for after that time.  And remember, dates for which I need to travel are still included as long as you meet my minimum time.  This will probably be my last special until my annual Toys for Tots offer starts in late November, so don’t wait!

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