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Diary #425

Slowly but surely, things are coming together at Sunset.  Grace and Chekhov finished the French drain project a few days ago; Sunday they started on a gutter system.  These things are necessary because Sunset is located on the edge of a rain forest, yet the previous owners somehow managed to go over 90 years without any means of properly carrying the copious volumes of rainwater which the property receives every year away from the house!  After the gutters, Grace is going to start on constructing concrete footings so as to stabilize the house against further soil erosion, and then we’ll be able to fix the floor issues which enabled me to buy this property at roughly half the market value of comparable places in the area.  Then we’ve got roofs to redo, bookcases to build, a bathhouse to construct, and a bunch of other things to buy to make it all happen.  And as soon as we can find the right one, we need to acquire a companion for this lonely llama; though he enjoys watching the chickens and chasing the dog, I think he would probably like some other woolly quadrupeds to share his barn with.

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