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The Dog Days finally ended on Thursday, and just in time; I was really getting worn out, and the last few nights even cannabis wasn’t enough to give me relatively-unbroken sleep.  But Thursday was a bit darker and a lot cooler, and I slept like a stone, waking up only once during the night (which for me is excellent).  It wasn’t at all a bad week in every way other than neurologically:  I did some self-care; got the car window repair I’ve needed for a while; had several pleasant, easy work sessions; attended a party on Saturday night; and spent Friday afternoon with Paul Johnson recording some b-roll footage and voiceovers for our upcoming documentary, The War on Whores.  And on Sunday I went with Jae to buy this little pony as a companion for my llama Jonathan; Grace and Chekhov will be picking her up today to bring her home to Sunset.  That’s all good, because I found myself with little motivation and less patience as my pineal gland was overloaded by TOO DAMNED MUCH DAYLIGHT and my brain responded, as usual, with restlessness and anxiety.  But the last week of August is nearly always like turning a switch for me:  the days are still much too long, but at least it’s dark by 9 and the weather is usually cooler, and that seems to be enough.  This weekend I’ll be going out to Sunset to inspect the now-complete drainage project and confer with Grace and Chekhov on the footing project, and by next week I might even be able to start on the last phase of The Essential Maggie McNeill, Volume I.

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