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Last week, a massage parlor pogrom of the sort which has, sadly, become a typical skirmish in the ongoing War on Whores blew up into national news because a famous person was among the customers arrested:

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is being charged in Palm Beach County [Florida] after being caught in a [massage parlor pogrom]…He is charged with two counts of soliciting someone to commit prostitution, and police say they have videotape of him paying…at…the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, where two women were [also] arrested…after [cops repeatedly got hand jobs for] several-month[s, then claimed without evidence that]…women there were in “sexual servitude”…About 200 arrest warrants have been issued…and more are expected…

Naturally, this resulted in an avalanche of bullshit on Twitter and other social media sites, with prohibitionists moaning while masturbating to their favorite racist “sex slave” fantasies, bootlickers eagerly swallowing every filthy thing cops ejaculate into their mouths, and know-nothing imbeciles imagining themselves to be “sex trafficking experts” who know The Truth about massage parlors in general and these massage parlors in particular, presumably by Divine Inspiration since none of them actually worked at the businesses which were raided.  The Queen of Whore Allies, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, saw right through the propaganda:

…Authorities are calling this a “human trafficking operation,” with some media outlets invoking “modern-day slavery.”  But so far all signs suggest this is just an ordinary anti-prostitution effort.  Kraft was charged with…a misdemeanor.  Orchids of Asia’s owner, Hua Zhang, was charged with [the usual]…charges [hurled at]…prostitution-business bosses even when everyone involved consents.  Martin County Sheriff William Snyder [claimed]…that some of the workers at these spas lived in them and weren’t allowed to leave during the day.  This is something we frequently hear from police chiefs and county sheriffs at the start of big “sex trafficking busts” that turn out to yield nothing but ordinary prostitution charges.  (See, for instance, King County, Washington, cops on Korean sex workers there.)  Police across the country have been ramping up stings at massage parlors, driven by…federal law enforcement…and a whole lot of misinformation.  In most cases, these investigations don’t lead to trafficking charges but do result in arrests for prostitution or people giving massages without a license.  In at least one recent high-profile instance, they led to a Chinese sex worker’s death.  It’s not just undocumented immigrants who face deportation after an arrest in these stings.  Prostitution charges can mean deportation even for immigrants here legally..Despite some reports referring to the spa workers as “girls,” police have not indicated that any employees were actually underage…cops want you to know they wish they had found horrific abuse instead of just sex workers.  “Even though we may have charges on some of them, we’d rather them be victims,” said Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey…

While the police chief limited himself to merely wishing the women had been helpless, passive vegetables, the sheriff publicly shared a creepy racist masturbatory fantasy about them:

…One spa worker is currently in [regular jail]…while others are being [locked up in psychiatric facilities]…Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said…he [wants to keep]…the women from deportation [to secure] their cooperation [until he no longer has need of them]…Snyder said [in complete defiance of the evidence that] it was clear the women were trafficked…[he then fantasized that] “These women are treated as human chattel…They were almost in a zombie-like appearance, it’s really sad.  Their lives [will be] ruined [by us if I get my way],” said Snyder…

As of the time of this writing, the “zombie sex slave” narrative is already beginning to collapse, though of course the media will try to shore it up as they did in the TRB case here in Seattle.  But sex workers aren’t having any of it, and a lot of bystanders on the internet are listening.  A lot of people, including Kraft himself, don’t understand that the “millions of sex slaves” in the propaganda are merely dehumanized, misogynistic, racist caricatures of ordinary sex workers, but thanks to our tireless efforts many of them are starting to wake up.

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