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Diary #453

SASS weekend is always jam-packed, and this time was no exception.  My friend Angela Keaton flew in on Tuesday, then on Thursday we had a baby shower for my friend Winnie.  On Friday night I volunteered to staff the kissing booth at the Sexy Circus fundraising party, and if you look at this picture I took in my booth (too bad you can’t see the fishnet stockings), I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I did a brisk business all evening.  On Saturday my documentary, The War on Whores, premiered to an absolutely packed house, and their enthusiastic response let me know we had a winner; if you missed it, you can either watch it on Vimeo or get to Vancouver on the 20th!  We’re planning a number of other showings, so keep your eyes open.  Anyhow, I was pretty spent by Sunday night, which I spent quietly at home with Angela and a couple of other friends.  I’m going to need as many nights like that as I can get; it looks like I’ll have a busy travel schedule this year!

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