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Since the requests are staring to come in and I launched my fundraiser on Monday, I figured it was time to let y’all know how you can see The War on Whores for yourself.  The easiest way, of course, is simply to watch or download it on Vimeo; it should soon be available on Amazon as well, and we’re working on getting it into the iTunes store.  Next week or so we’ll be starting the process of getting DVDs made, and those will be for sale as well (and I’ll be sending out autographed copies as gifts for donations.)  The best way to see the film is at a sponsored screening; the next one will be at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland, CA at 7:30 pm, Tuesday, April 9th.  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased in advance.  The next one after that will be Minnesota State University in Mankato, MN on April 29th, at 4 PM in the Ostrander Auditorium in the Centennial Student Union; that event is free to students & faculty.  I’m also trying to set one up in Chicago a few days later, and we’ve got possible future screenings in the works for Washington, DC, Austin, TX, Providence, RI, and Orlando, FL.  The way to set up these screenings is to email me; I’ll forward your email to my producer, Paul Johnson, who sets up the actual details.  Please be patient; Paul can only work on about two events at once, plus he’s got other tasks to do (like getting the discs burned) and this isn’t his only film, so he often has quite a few plates in the air at once.  Obviously, nearer events and those who can pay all the screening fees, etc, are the highest priority, but my fundraiser is intended to cover the fees of student and activist groups who may not have very much money; please do not ask for this unless you really need it, because the funds will only go so far and we want to use them to help groups who really have no other options.  If, on the other hand, you are in a position to be generous, you could sponsor a screening yourself; if you’d like to do that just email me using the link above and we can get to work on it!  Last but definitely not least, we are trying to ignite as much buzz about the film as possible so it will be widely seen; if you can somehow help with that (for example, if you have a TV or radio show you can invite me on to talk about the film), please let me know via this link.  There are many ways to help us get this important message out, and as always I’ll need the help of my readers to do it.

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