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Diary #455

Today I’m heading for Vancouver BC for the Canadian premiere of The War on Whores, which will be tomorrow night at 7:30, at 151 W Cordova St. (tickets are $15 at the door and you can reserve seats by email); if you’d like a special visit with me before I leave town Thursday afternoon, let me know ASAP.  My next screening will be in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 9th; I will let you know the details as I receive them, possibly as early as next week.  After that, I’ll be at Minnesota State University in Mankato, MN on April 29th; at 4 PM in the Ostrander Auditorium in the Centennial Student Union; that event is free to students & faculty.  I’m also trying to set one up in Chicago a few days later, and we’ve got possible future screenings in the works for Washington, DC, Austin, TX, Providence, RI, and Orlando, FL.  So I took advantage of one of the few slow weeks I’ll have for a while to take Lorelei to a special Doctor Who episode screening (of “Logopolis”) last Wednesday, then went for a short visit to Sunset over the weekend.  Because I really have learned that this poor mortal body and brain really do need at least a little downtime.

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