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Diary #511

Aside from a few tweaks and bits of trim, the bookcase project is officially done!  The second DVD case (for movies) was stained by Wednesday, so I was able to load it on Friday (the kitty is Chekhov’s).  We also built a bar and moved all of our liquor, mixers, glasses, etc into it, thus freeing up considerable counter and cupboard space, and I built a small shelving unit all by myself (out of leftover wood from the projects) for behind Grace’s desk.  Now that all the cases are in place Jae can paint the walls, then we can finally put in new flooring.  If you closely at the photo you can see the condition I received the floor in; it obviously had some kind of ruined carpet which the children of the previous owners hastily pulled up prior to sale, and there are countless staples in it which makes it as uncomfortable to my bare feet as it is to my eyes.  But once the painting is done we’re poised to do the floor immediately, and the first room of the remodel will finally be done!  Next comes the kitchen; the cupboards are quite modern (I would say late ’90s) and we added a new stove and dishwasher, plus the aforementioned bar.  There are a few other small fixes to be done, and then we can start on the bathhouse; the floor-leveling is underway, but is a slow and gradual process.  All in all, we may be done with the remodeling by Christmas, and that would be the best present I could reasonably hope for.

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