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Diary #513

Despite having raised chickens many times, I never cease to be awed by the speed at which they grow.  My pullets are only eight weeks old, but look at how big they are already (and the shelf on which they’re sitting there is over four feet off the floor).  I started letting them out of the henhouse during daylight hours at the beginning of last week, and by Saturday they were running around the chicken yard.  I also bought an automatic chicken door which opens at dawn and closes after sunset, so if Grace is here alone she doesn’t need to drag herself out there to let them in or out.  We also extended the fence so the pony and llama would have more greenery to graze and browse upon, and worked up the floor plan for the bathhouse; yesterday we ordered the first of the wood, concrete and other stuff we’ll need, while we were there buying the flooring for the living room and Grace’s room.  And even though I’ll be returning to Seattle on Sunday, I plan to spend a lot more weekends out at Sunset this year, and I’m working on getting things so that it’s easy and comfortable for me to do that.

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