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When I bought the property I now call Sunset, I got a great deal (half the price of similar properties in the area) because the house was somewhat run down and had problems with the supports of a section that was added perhaps 25 years after it was first built.  So I knew that in addition to fixing the floor, I’d have to remodel much of the house.  Grace and Chekhov spent most of 2018 rewiring the house and shop, adding gutters, building French drains, constructing fences, and other such basic tasks; 2019 was spent in innumerable small fixes, planning the floor repair and redoing the plumbing in preparation for said repair.  Then just after Christmas we started building bookcases in the living room:

Here’s what they looked like on Tuesday:

As you can see, I’ve decided to use the top shelves for CDs.  And see that door in the corner?  The inside isn’t yet stained, but here’s what I’m using it for:

Across the room, and around the TV, we built shelving for DVDs:

They continue across the room, where the movies are followed by TV series:

Soon the walls will be painted and we’ll put in new flooring there and in Grace’s room (mine is upstairs, and the carpet is in good condition). Then on to the kitchen, where we’ve already redone the cupboards and built this:

It’s not quite done yet; Grace has to install brass railings on the two bottom shelves, and there’s an upper section (outside of the shot) which she’s installing doors on.  But the living room is almost done and the kitchen is underway, and when I return to Sunset next week we’ll be starting on the bathhouse.

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