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Diary #512

I returned to Seattle a week ago today, only to have both of the appointments I had returned for rescheduled on Friday!  So I decided there was no particular reason to remain in town, where I had to put up with all the city bullshit (such as cops playing with their sirens as though they were nine years old) without being compensated by being able to do anything I actually wanted to do.  I went back to Sunset on Saturday, bringing what I needed for two weeks, and on Sunday tackled re-organizing the kitchen drawers and cupboards, finally getting them into what I think will be an order I can live with.  Meanwhile, Grace made the doors for the top shelf of the bar, and yesterday she got the brass she’s going to make the lower-shelf railings from; we also put a small (but matching) shelf on the wall for edibles, and I’ll take a pic of the whole area when we’re done.  Meanwhile, please enjoy this photo documenting my progress toward crazy cat lady status, while I get busy with graph paper to do the floor plan of my bathhouse project.

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