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Diary #516

On Thursday afternoon, I located a pretty good deal on a refurbished hot tub, and Chekhov went to look at it on Friday; the deal was quickly made and by the time I went to my beauty doctor appointment I had already arranged for it to be transported.  The footprint of the tub is just a little bigger than the slab behind the house where we decided to locate it, so I drove out to Sunset on Saturday and within an hour was digging out the area for the 2-foot extension to the slab, which we poured before dinner.  Then on Sunday I laid the first half of the new living room floor; it was a bit tricky because I wanted to continue it uninterrupted from Grace’s room, but within a couple of hours I was past the difficult part and by about 6 pm all the displaced furniture from the west side of the room was back in place.  Monday was a lot easier, and you can see that it’s a vast improvement from what was there before.  So now it’s on to digging lots of post holes for the supports of the bathhouse floor; since a lot of y’all seem interested, I’m going to keep a visual log of our progress on that project, which will probably take the rest of the year.  And that will make my writing schedule much easier while I’m working on it!

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