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This blog has always been unusual in a number of ways.  I publish once a day, every single day, at exactly the same time every day for the past ten years.  For the majority of that time, posts that constituted anything less than a full essay were rather rare; diary columns and Friday columns are often short, and holiday columns are now the online equivalent of a card, but other than that it’s mostly essays or news commentary.  But as I pointed out in March, the pandemic has crowded crude masturbatory fantasies out of the public consciousness, and since I don’t really do history columns any more, that actually leaves me a bit short on things to write about at this stage of the game.  That’s actually kinda convenient because I’ve been doing a lot of work out at Sunset, and therefore have less time to write.  However, the columns about that work have proven popular, so today I’m starting a new (albeit temporary) feature logging the progess on my bathhouse.  So consider this the first installment; right now it’s just a recently-delivered refurbished hot tub sitting on the slab outside my back door.  But I think you’ll find the weekly development interesting, and I’ll certainly welcome a little more time to work on it.

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