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The Magic of Gifts

I’ve written before about how nice it is to receive gifts from readers and friends, and how much it means to me that I touch the lives of people so much (even when I haven’t met them in person) that they want to bring a smile to my face and/or make my life easier and more pleasant.  The gifts take all forms; sometimes people help me with things I need, such as my friend Winnie doing my nails this week or Chekhov buying all the lumber for my various building projects (not to mention an extra guest cottage!)  Other times, readers send me things from my Amazon wishlist, such as a Sonos speaker system for Sunset I got from Derek Ashworth last week; I appreciate all such gifts, and even have some very inexpensive ones on there for those on a limited budget.  And sometimes, readers send me nice things that they just thought I’d like, such as this six-months-early birthday present from a reader (who prefers discretion around his name) who was concerned he might not have the cash on hand by autumn.  But whether the gifts are practical or aesthetic, expensive or inexpensive, requested or spontaneous, I appreciate them all, and that’s why it’s so important to me to acknowledge each and every one so the senders – and everyone else – knows that.

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