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Now that I’m starting to have reasons to be in Seattle again, I’m shifting to splitting my time between Sunset and the city.  Since we’ve discovered that lazy people will use made-up pandemic restrictions to avoid work they don’t want to do (such as mixing paint at Home Depot or dealing with chemical garbage at the dump), it’s also helpful for our projects for me to be able to get to places that have nearby competition; that’s how I was able to buy this last week (the box actually fit in the back seat of my sedan).  When I mentioned it to Matisse, she was rather amused; I guess a cement mixer, even a small one, is a rather strange thing for a whore to own.  Is a steam cleaner weird too?  Because I also bought one of those last week, to replace our old one (which seems to have been among the tools stolen from us in ’17).  I suppose I own a lot of unusual things; even my DVD collection includes a lot of movies most people have never heard of, and my kitchen includes gadgets that are seldom seen in modern American kitchens (such as crumpet rings and a manual meat grinder).  Anyhow, I’m headed back to Seattle again the day this publishes, and I plan to return to Sunset on Saturday.  And if I’m lucky it will be with the receipt for a newly-purchased hot tub.

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