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Bathhouse 7

We finished most of the construction of Chekhov’s cottage last week; there are a few little things left such as adjusting the front doors so they close properly, wiring up electrical outlets, etc, but all the big stuff is done.  I took this picture on June 30th, and though you can’t tell I was standing on the part of the deck nearest the existing house.  Earlier in the day I crawled around under it to attach the wiring conduit beneath the floorboards, and the day before I ordered a roll of 200 amp-rated copper cable (from an online supplier so I didn’t have to pay the obscenely-high retail price for the stuff) so Grace can run power from the existing breaker box to the new box for the annex.  On Sunday we ran the new main water line, a day after I finished the deck section which is still open in the picture below; look for a picture of that next week!

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