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Bathhouse 10

What a difference a few days can make!  I returned to Sunset last Friday, and within an hour was removing the braces from the posts.  Chekhov was already working on temporarily rerouting the paddock fence to keep the animals away from the construction site; I helped him move the gate, then on Monday we extended the fence east of the buildings so as to create more grazing area.  On Saturday I put down plastic and spread gravel over the phase 2 area just as I did with phase 1 at the beginning of June; the reason for that bare path to your right is that it’s where the new French drain will go.  Later Saturday afternoon Grace directed Chekhov and me in marking all the posts at cutoff height, then we cut them all level.  Even one of the old square posts holding up the back porch awning was cut down to size after we installed a steel support Grace fabricated to do the post’s job until the awning comes down.  On Sunday we measured out the locations for the phase 3 posts and dug ten of the post holes; we also built a handrail for the ramp and planned the construction of the deck around the tub itself.  This weekend, we’ll put in all the remaining posts; I want the concrete to have time to fully cure before we start the second guest cottage, which we currently plan for August 23rd.  And Grace wants the joists for this section of deck built before she puts in the main cable, so that’ll be in the next few days as well.  And I’ll show you as much of it next week as I can get into the shot!

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