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Bathhouse 9

Between last week and the week before, we set all the posts for the second phase of the bathhouse project; we also set new posts so we can move the paddock gate, which you can see in this picture, farther away from the house (because the extension will block the current gate location).  Everything else we’ve done in the past couple of weeks wouldn’t really show up in pictures; that list includes leveling the hot tub, building a lower ramp from house level down to ground level in front of the shop building, taking down Jae’s yurt in preparation for moving it to the other side of the bathhouse complex, running the basic wiring in the first cottage, and taking inventory of the second cottage kit. I’d really like to continue installing more deck next, but unfortunately that’s going to have to wait until the concrete around the posts cures more thoroughly so we can remove the temporary braces, cut the posts all to the same height, and put in the joists; we also need to dig a new French drain, put down plastic and gravel in the area you see here, and run the main power cable to the new breaker box (the cable actually arrived Wednesday).  But after all that, there’s going to be deck on top of everything you see here; it’ll be nice to be able to walk across the area without maneuvering around construction and having to worry about falling into holes or tripping over the water line!

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