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Diary #524

On Thursday, the second cottage was delivered; it takes up quite a bit of space on the floor, but I have a really big garage.  This time the pieces were less well-arranged than last time, so it was very difficult to do the inventory.  But we eventually got it all sorted and staged, so it’ll be ready to assemble when we are.  That will probably be sometime in August; we still need to put in the posts that will be under this cottage’s footprint, dig a new French drain, prepare the area with gravel, level the hot tub (which we’re probably doing this week), run the new electrical line (the cable has been shipped but hasn’t yet arrived), move the paddock gate and Jae’s yurt, and build the deck up to the edge of the second cottage.  And I have to run to Seattle at least two or three times in the next month or so.  Now do you see why I’ve been posting the bathhouse construction updates on a two-week delay?  It’s not that things aren’t going according to plan, because we’re about where I expected to be (if not a little ahead); it’s that a lot of the work for the rest of this month won’t really show in pictures.  And that’s not even counting the press to get Ask Maggie, Volume I out on time for my self-imposed deadline of July 31st.

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