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Bathhouse 20

On the day my last bathhouse update posted, we were busily engaged in switching our power system over from the old cables Grace had jury-rigged back in 2017 just to get the power on quickly.  We originally planned to do it on Saturday, but on Friday morning the weather forecast had changed so that Friday was the better day.  Grace was ready, so we launched into the project a little after 2 pm and were finished a little before 6.  Our new system uses heavy, high-quality copper cable in place of the cheap aluminum ones, and the laundry room, shop, and bathhouse (including the well) now have their own designated feeder cables and breaker boxes; everything is designed to be safer, neater and easier to maintain.  On Saturday, I finished wiring the outlets in both cottages, and Chekhov took down the overhead cables (and those on the outside wall of the shop) which were visible in some of the previous pictures, and the old main cable which ran from the meter to the main breaker box in the back.  Getting rid of that damned overhead conduit was especially gratifying to me, but I think Chekhov and Jae are most pleased about having working outlets in their cottages (instead of having to run things from power strips attached to the long extension cords visible in many previous pictures).  And Grace is just happy to be done with a project that arthritis made very difficult for her.

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