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Viral Marketing

Is there a realistic danger that I might get infected with the coronavirus if I went to see a reputable escort in a city that has never been a hot spot?  Obviously, a reputable professional wouldn’t see customers if she knew she was infected, but people don’t necessarily know.  Hey, I could be infected too, although I find this unlikely.  Have you heard of a single case of anyone getting the coronavirus from a reputable provider?

Given the long incubation period and the relative ease of respiratory transmission, I don’t think there’s any sure way most non-hermits could say who they got it from, despite hooha about “contact tracing”.  If you’re somewhat concerned (I say “somewhat” because if you were very concerned you wouldn’t be considering this), you could do the mask thing, although that seems like it would be rather awkward in the circumstances of a date.  Personally, I don’t think it’s really worthwhile for a healthy man below 50 like yourself to worry about contact with specific apparently-healthy individuals in an area of low case numbers, but that’s me.

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