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Annex 21

For the last couple of weeks, developments on the bathhouse have been incremental; Chekhov stained the second cottage as you can see, and he also figured out how to fix the doors so they’d close properly. According to the company that builds the kits, we’re the first ones who have reported problems with getting the doors to line up, and since we had the same problem with both cottages it’s obviously something we did wrong rather than a defect in the kits.  My suspicion is that it was because, out of an abundance of caution, we only installed the door frames at the four-log level rather than the doors and frames as the instructions directed; we were concerned that in the process of building the walls, the glass doors might get broken.  If we had installed the doors early on, we could have adjusted the frames then and used the trim to cover the gaps.  Ah, well, live and learn.  Anyhow, things should be picking up again soon; I was in Seattle for much of this week, and on Wednesday I visited two used building material companies in search of cee purlins, because for some reason new ones are more than four times as expensive here as they are in Oklahoma (everything is more expensive here, but not usually by more than double at the outside).  I also got the pipe Grace needs for the main roof truss supports; with any luck and weather permitting, we should have those in place by next week, and then we can get started on actually building the trusses.

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