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Diary #538

One drawback to living on the edge of a rain forest is, as you can probably guess, that it rains an awful lot.  From October to May it’s always at least wet here if not actually raining; June and September are somewhat rainy, and only July and August are actually dry.  That’s why we started doing the outdoor work on our bathhouse around the end of May; we wanted to take advantage of the dry weather while it lasted.  But now it’s done, and we’re back to the rain; I wanted to get the roof at least started by the end of September, but the difficulty of getting the roof materials delayed that past the beginning of autumn.  It looks like we’ve finally lined up a supplier for those parts, so we’ll be getting started on the trusses soon; they’re welded indoors in the shop, anyhow.  And once they’re ready, it’ll only take a few dry days to get everything in place, after which it won’t matter.

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