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Annex 43

It’s difficult to show you a picture of what we’ve been doing on the roof structure, but I think this might work.  The reinforcement you can see here is a kind of cap made from steel plates, crowning the wooden post which used to support the old awning that came with the house.  Three of the four posts were still sound, and the fourth was only rotten at the top, so we cut that one off below deck-level to serve as a support.  You can see how the one that formerly supported the northeast corner of the awning in last week’s picture; this is the top of the one that formerly supported the northwest corner, and the one at the southwest corner is crowned by the same kind of fixture.  The idea is to help support the header beam along the roof, just as the smaller bracket at right (and seven others like it) do, so as not to put all the strain on the roof of this section (which dates to about 1950).  Next week I should have some more high steel to show you, but if not the electrician is connecting up the hot tub so there’s that.

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