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Diary #587

Now that I’m semi-retired and living full-time at Sunset, I schedule all of my appointments (professional, medical, beauty, etc) during the same two-day period every three weeks, so I don’t have to drive into Seattle more than is necessary; of course there are occasional exceptions (such as for all-night appointments and the like), but in general I’ve been able to keep things clustered closely together.  And on most visits, Lorelei and I can synchronize our schedules enough for a Who night.  TV and movie watching are social experiences for me; I rarely watch anything longer than a music video unless I’m in the company of someone I can discuss them with during or after, and if I happen to love my viewing companion it’s even better!  That’s why I still get excited about Who night with Lorelei despite the fact that I’m watching nearly every night with Grace; watching with a different person creates a different experience for me, and the different intoxicants (edibles at home with Grace and a sonic screwdriver when watching at Lorelei’s) probably make a difference as well.

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