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Diary #586

Our cell service has never been very good at Sunset; in order to make a conventional cell call (rather than via internet by Signal) I’ve always had to stand in my office window upstairs, and even then it’s liable to drop several times an hour.  Then a few weeks ago, the display of my phone broke, and the new phone had no signal at all at Sunset.   So even though my old phone is finally repaired and I’m picking it up today, I decided something finally had to be done about the poor reception.  Well, one of my gentlemen did the research for me and Grace went over his findings, and they agreed on a specific model of repeater.  It took over a week to arrive, but finally came in Saturday, and during a lull in the rain I went out onto the roof and installed this antenna outside my office window, pointed SSE in the general direction of the nearest cell tower.  It took us awhile to find the best place to put the internal antenna so as to avoid feedback, but we eventually found a spot in the hall which seems to give pretty good reception in every part of the house.  So now I can actually make and receive phone calls from every part of the house like a civilized person, even (thanks to our now fully-operational standby generator) during power outages.

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