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Annex 46

At long last, we have an operational hot tub! Week before last my electrician wired up the GFCI panel, then early last week I took advantage of a warm last day of summer to drain the rainwater accumulation out the tub; those who have been paying close attention may remember that the French drain starts immediately beside the tub, so all we need to do is pump the water out and the drain carries it away.  After that I cleaned out all the dust, dead bugs and other detritus, then filled it again for a test run to clean out the system; next, we drained it and refilled it, and it’s ready to go!  Of course, it’ll be much nicer when there’s a roof above it, but that’s on the way too; even before we get everything closed up nicely, the autumn here is mild enough that we’ll still probably get some enjoyment out of it even before it’s properly enclosed.

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