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Annex 49

Last week, the rain hit just as we were finishing up the framework for the western section of the roof, so we had to wait until early this week to get the last few welds in place.  I was a bit nervous about my ability, unsure that I could do a good enough job for it to be sufficiently strong, but then Grace showed me how to do a series of tacks rather than attempting a continuous bead.  That did the trick; I was having trouble making a neat, continuous bead, and worried that I’d burn through the comparatively-thin (10 guage) metal of the cee purlins while welding them to the thicker (3/16“) walls of the rectangular tubing.  But to tack with the MIG, I just need to put the stinger in position, pull the trigger, count to two and release, remembering to use the tip dip frequently and cutting off the excess wire whenever I get it stuck (which is now less often than when I first started learning).  Oh, and remembering to put my welding hood down so I don’t get flashed, and pulling my overshirt closed so I don’t get sparks in my cleavage (which is a lot of no fun).  Next step: roof panels!

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