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Diary #588

Cicero is now officially a biggie piggie; as of last Friday he lives outside full-time.  I had planned on October 1st as the date for some time, then in the last few days of September he confirmed that decision by figuring out how to get out of his pen in the morning whether we let him out or not.  He’s up to about 60#, and we’ve been letting him run around outside from early in the morning until about dinnertime for the past month anyhow; the only thing that’s changed is he gets his dinner outside now and sleeps where he likes, which seems to mostly be up on the bathhouse deck or on the dog’s bed in the shop.  He didn’t even cry or try to get inside the first night, and let me tell you, I find him a lot cuter now that I don’t have to clean up after him twice a day.  He likes to follow us around like a puppy; this was taken from inside the chicken yard, because he tends to follow me there when I go to feed them, and will circle the outside trying to figure out how to get in to eat their scratch corn.  Other times he forages near Shiloh and Jonathan out in the paddock, or hangs out with them in the barn.  He also likes to nap on the deck near the hot tub when it’s running; I reckon he likes the sound of the water.  All in all he seems a happy, contented animal, and the transition to outside couldn’t have been smoother.

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